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Sourdough Starter

This is the exact same starter used by Mad Hatter Bakery, for all our range of Sourdoughs and Sourdough Sweet Treats.

As such, you can be assured that it is well established, healthy and guaranteed to work in your very own recipes too.


You can of course, make your own starter - but this takes a little time and experience to get right.


So why not let Mad Hatter help out and use our Sourdough Starter instead.

  • simply made from Wheat Flour and water - nothing else! 

  • no unnecessary additional ingredients are used (e.g. yoghurt, fruit etc)

  • absolutely no additives or preservatives whatsoever


Each pot contains 200g of our classic Sourdough Starter - more than enough to get you baking your very first Sourdough loaf




Happy Baking! 😀🎩

Sourdough Stater
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