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Super Sourdough Series

As the annual 'Sourdough September' draws to a close, we continue to shout out its benefits.

Baking bread at home is a fantastic therapeutic activity and is brilliant fun, for everyone of all ages.

It’s a great change from our busy schedule and a good exercise in mindfulness. With all the current issues, it’s a positive distraction from thinking about the world. Hopefully this helps ease anxiety and stress, by focussing on something positive and rewarding.

By engaging in productive activities, we can learn new skills and these can definitely enrich our lives!

Sacha McNeil is the creator of the awesome, Of Small Matters - which is an ode to the handmade, home-crafted and those who create and employ time-honoured skills.

As a professional journalist, Sacha has just written two excellent articles focussing on Sourdough and featuring Mad Hatter Bakery: 1. The rise of sourdough - the psychology behind our obsession

2. Sourdough - top tips from an expert Both are a great read and hopefully, will inspire you to continue baking and also explore other rewarding activities.

Keep safe and Happy Baking!!! 😀🎩

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