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Fresh Bread Everyday!

How Enjoy Your Real Bread?

No rules, whatever takes your fancy! Simply enjoy with some unsalted butter or accompanied with some nice cheese (and wine 🍷 of course!)


Best eaten on the day, but if wrapped in a tea towel, it should be fine the next day too - but generally, no longer.

…. Remember, there are no preservatives used here or other nasties - This is Real Bread, made using only flour, water and salt (plus a little yeast - if not a Sourdough variety).


Never, ever put bread in a plastic bag or refrigerate - IT WILL GO STALE VERY QUICKLY. Yes, we all know that shop bought bread is plastic wrapped and it seems to be okay for several days at room temperature - BUT REMEMBER, THESE COMMERCIAL OFFERINGS ARE FULL OF OTHER ADDITIVES AND PRESERVATIVES


One of the best ways to preserve your bread and stop it going stale, is to freeze it. But rather than freezing a whole loaf (which takes ages to defrost), it’s best to slice it and put the slices in a zip lock freezer bag - to keep out any additional moisture. Freezing the bread will stop it going stale and you can simply ‘refresh’ the slices, as and when you want to use it - fresh bread on tap (well, the freezer!)

You can:

1. Defrost the slices at room temperature and then warm in the oven for great ‘fresh’ bread, or

2. Toasted is good - direct from frozen, or

3. Put the frozen slices into a warm oven for a few minutes, until nice soft and warm - Enjoy 😊

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