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Benefits of Genuine Sourdough (Real Bread)

Interestingly, many people who report difficulties (e.g. bloating) after eating a factory loaf, say that they simply don't experience this at all, when eating genuine Sourdough - or other Real Bread.

Real Bread doesn’t contain any artificial additives and added enzymes or emulsifiers, which may actually cause this bloating effect.

Furthermore, Sourdough bread is made with long, slow fermentation, making the loaf more nutritious and easier to digest - as the body can access more of the fibre, vitamins and minerals contained in the loaf.

But not all Sourdough is the same!

The Real Bread Campaign and Real Bread Aotearoa, believes that to be named or marketed using the word sourdough, a bread must be:

  • Made without any additives - the main criterion in our basic definition of bread

  • Leavened only using a live sourdough culture, without the addition of commercial yeast or other leavening agents (e.g. baking powder)

  • Made without using other ingredients/additives as souring agents or as sourdough flavouring (e.g. vinegar, yoghurt, or dried sourdough powder)

How can you be sure that it's genuine Sourdough?

Simple - always check the ingredients and look for the Loaf Mark;

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