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Home Delivery Service

We don't actually have a physical shop at the Bakery, because we only bake Real Bread to order.

Everything is baked fresh on the day and delivered direct to your door - which we think is far better!

Local home delivery is complimentary and for deliveries beyond 4 km of Murrays Bay, there is a small delivery charge - please confirm the additional amount, at the time of ordering.

Delivery Days

Choose anything from our range for delivery on;



For special events (e.g. birthday celebrations, parties etc) or large orders, we are more than happy to also do deliveries at the weekend.

Our Point of difference

Unlike many commercial bakeries, we're also more than happy to be flexible and make changes .... If you want different seeds in your Seeded Wholemeal Sourdough or Oregano in your Focaccia, instead of fresh Rosemary ... that's absolutely fine!!

  • Real Bread is freshly baked to order and not sat waiting on a shelf!
  • if it isn't ordered, then it simply isn't baked

  • it's fresh from the oven and delivered straight to your door 

Real Bread takes much more time to produce and this extra time, is the 'secret' ingredient that allows the fantastic flavours to develop properly - which is why we need at least 48 hours notice for Sourdough. 

Placing your order for Real Bread


Call or Text:  021 057 2264





Please make payment at the time of ordering and Bank transfer payments can be made to our ANZ Business Account:

Mad Hatter Bakery 


All prices include GST

Gluten-free ..... All our Real Bread is made using flour, which is produced from Wheat or Rye and these naturally contain gluten. Since these flours are in constant use at the Bakery, unfortunately we can't offer any gluten free options.


Without a completely separate and sterile area, we simply couldn't guarantee that these loaves would be 100% gluten-free.

⚠️ Allergens ⚠️  

All Real Bread products contain gluten (both wheat and rye flour) and some may have eggs, milk, nuts or sesame seeds. If you suspect that you may have an allergic reaction to any of these ingredients, please seek professional medical guidance and advice before making any purchase or consuming any of our products.

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