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Perhaps this shouldn't actually be called 'bread' at all ....

Commercially produced bread contains numerous additives and in the interests of maximising profits, the quality of bread inevitably suffers.


Natural fermentation is replaced by high speed mixing and higher levels of yeast are used, to inflate the dough. The mix is then laced with a whole range of chemical additives and enzymes, to make the dough conform to the stresses of the process.


These additives include; improvers, emulsifiers, gluten enhancers, enzymes, e numbers, colouring, preservatives, additional sugar and salt etc 

The image below, shows an example of what is often added to commercially produced bread and usually these 'extras' aren't even listed!


The Only Positives +ve

This all leads to a softer loaf with a longer shelf life.


The Many Negatives  -ve

The impact of all the additives will undoubtedly have an impact on our health - it isn't natural and over time, it will inevitably have a cumulative effect on the body.


Real Bread

By contrast, Real Bread contains absolutely no additives and is made in a time honoured, traditional way - which ensures that the bread is healthier and in the case of Sourdough, much gentler on the digestive system - which can only be a good thing!

Commercially Produced Bread


Sourdough Loaf Mark.png
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