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Baking Bread At Home

Ever wanted to know how to properly bake Real Bread at home?


Well, now you can  .......  Mad Hatter Bakery will show you how!

Following a recipe in a book is far different, from actually being taught how to apply the necessary skills. 

Baking your own bread at home, truly is a great therapeutic activity and also makes your home smell wonderful - it really is a rewarding experience .






You will be shown all the techniques to ensure your success and it's something that the kids will absolutely love getting involved with too - making their very own Pizza, they'll soon join the next generation of 'home bakers' or maybe even become one of the next great Chef's.


Kid's Bread Kitchen - yes, we most certainly do specialise in offering baking classes to young budding bakers too!

Baking is meant to be fun, so doing a class in your own home, is less formal and much more relaxed.

You're already familiar with your kitchen and appliances , so we can work together to ensure that you get the best results .... after all, it's where you'll be baking afterwards, once you learnt how to do it!!!! 


We can help with any 'problems' and use what you've already got, to the best effect. After all, there isn't much to be gained from learning in a large bakery environment with professional stone deck steam injected ovens, when you don't actually have those in your own home 😀

Please contact Mad Hatter direct, so that we can create a baking session to meet your kneads (needs)

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